About Rotor Ratings


Hi, I'm Sam, the creator of this website. I'm a web developer from the UK, living and working in Chicago USA. I'm a drone hobbyist and when I got started, I was asking questions like "whats are the best ESCs right now?" and "where can i find a Taranis in stock?", "Who sells the cheapest FrSky D4R-II?".

So I built this website to help answer those questions.


The idea for this website was born out of ideas and discussions had on Reddit (here). In December 2014 I proposed it, and after a few months of playing with ideas, I started building the site ... This took a long time, but after 6 months it launched, to great success. The guys on Reddit have submitted hundreds of parts to the site, created hundreds of built lists (in the first 6 months we had 100 ZMR250 builds, no surprise there!), and they continue to help promote and expand this site to this day.

After much feedback I began working on version 2 of the site, which i was forced into by the news that Parse.com was shutting down. I had been using Parse.com for the backend, but now I've switched the site over to Drupal, and I'm very pleased with the results.


To provide a platform for finding, rating and reviewing all drone parts in one place. A platform where you can get your voice heard when you receive bad service from a store. Honest and real reviews, from real people.

This website doesn't scrape data, each product you suggest is manually imported. Then I clean up the formatting, and publish it here on the site. If there is data missing, I'll go find it from other websites which sell the same part. Also on that front, I gather prices from other sites too, in multiple currencies, so you can find the best price, in your preferred currency. You can also suggest prices for parts already listed on the site.

Doing the above takes time and effort, but it means the data is clean and reliable. Please allow upto 3 days for a suggested part to appear.

How to contribute

You can suggest parts, categories, store and prices. You can give ratings and write reviews, and if you're a techie, contribute to our theme or modules on Github.


Questions? Comments? Suggestions for the website? Drop me a line: [email protected]


We have a parts API, if you'd like access, contact: [email protected]

Affiliate Link Policy

This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. In addition to Amazon, this site participates in other affiliate programs, including but not limited to Banggood.com and eBay.com.

What next?

After you have sourced your parts here on Rotor Ratings, and you've built your quad, head over to Rotor Builds to show off your creation, and Mini Quad Maps to find people to fly with.