Part ID 16697
Brand Realacc
Frame Material 3K Carbon Fiber
Frame Size 214


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X210 by Realacc

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dice's picture

My first build and it has been a really good frame. Like most of the people that got this, I got the kit from BG with the RacerStar motors and esc. Being my first build it has been very strong and fast. Only thing I had a problem with was the plate was either too small for the HD cam or the standoff at the very top was too large. I just took the little plate off and Velcro the HD cam down with some foam under it.



The Realacc X210 is built for racing and features a light-weight, symmetrical carbon fiber body. A symmetrical X, light weight, super stiff, finely tuned frame designed for high performance FPV Drone Racing.

Full 3K Carbon Fiber frame.
Optional 3mm or 4mm frame arms.
Dual purpose FPV and HD camera mounting solution.
Compact size for 5" propellers, 214mm motor to motor.
Multiple motor mounting holes to fit a variety of motors (M3 and M2 screw mounting patterns).
"Bumpers" on the end of the arms to protect the motor during a crash, just like the QAV250.
Included power distribution board and XT-60 Pig-Tail to power ESCs and FPV flight electronics.
LiPo battery protection plate included.
Support to carry HD camera at 35 degree angle(such as the GoPro 4, Mobius, etc).
Lightweight and rigid

3mm frame arm version: 72g (frame + hardware), 77g (with battery protector plate)
4mm frame arm version: 88g (frame + hardware), 93g (with battery protector plate)