R Line 1550



Part ID 15636
Brand Tattu
Weight 192.00g
Width 34.00mm
Height 36.00mm
Length 72.00mm
Cells in Series 4
Balance Connector Type JST-XHR
Burst Rating 150C
Capacity 1550mAh
Discharge Connector Type XT-60
Constant Rating 95C
Voltage 14.80v


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R Line 1550 by Tattu

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REstevao's picture

Great battery. Low voltage sag with good recovery. Linear power delivery with almost no change from fully charged until 3.60v. After that voltage drops quickly. Only minus is some inconsistency in cell quality, generally with at least one cell (the weaker) getting out of balance once bellow 3.60v



More than just a fancy name. Tattu batteries were designed from the ground up with serious performance in mind. The new Tattu battery deliver full capacity at the said C rate. If 1550mAh is enough for your racing, and you need power, this is your best choice.

The R-Line 95C racing series are more explosive than 75C normal series.


Stable automatic stacking technology enables single cell capacities of 1550mAh.
Higher capacity than comparable size packs
No memory effect