Buzzer w/ Built-in



Part ID 21302
Brand HellGate
Weight 2.20g


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Buzzer w/ Built-in by HellGate

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Not too much innovation has been done in the field of low voltage buzzers - that is until now. HellGate FPV has developed a buzzer with a tiny built-in battery that literally gives it the power to sound an alarm for over 3 days. 
The issue with standard buzzers is that in many serious crashes, your Lipo gets disconnected/ejected, and the buzzer you had depended on to beep, no longer has a power source. 
With this tiny but ingenious innovation, HellGate has made this amazing tool to give you the confidence to fly farther than before, with the knowledge that you'll be able to find your quad if you crash. Don't worry about charging it either, it charges itself simply by being plugged in. 
To deactivate the buzzer after activation, simply reconnect the Lipo briefly and disconnect it after the deactivation tone.
Active alarm for up to 3 days
Hibernating alarm for up to 2 weeks
Tiny size and weight
FC Buzzer passthrough
Weight: 2.2g
Dimensions: 10x10x15 mm
1x Buzzer
2x Spare Heatshrink
3x Silicone Wires