Nitro Nectar 850mAh 4S 60c w/ Removable Balance Lead



Part ID 21299
Brand NewBeeDrone
Weight 114.00g
Connector SMA


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Nitro Nectar 850mAh 4S 60c w/ Removable Balance Lead by NewBeeDrone

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Tried, Tested, NewBeeDrone Hive approved
NewBeeDrone's high-performance Lipo battery specifically designed for the smallest lightest quads out there! And with 4S these little bad boys put out a lot of power so that your 3-inch quad can keep up with and beat 5-inch quads out on the field!
These batteries come with the popular XT-60 plug instead of the smaller and uncommon XT-30.
Another great feature of this new Nitro Nectar lineup - removable balance leads! Many pilots know how aggravating it can be to resolder a cut or damaged balance lead. Now just simply unplug them before a flight and worry no more!
Capacity: 850mAh
Voltage: 14.8V
True C Rating: 60C
Max Continuous Discharge: 51A
Max Burst Discharge: 102A
Weight: 4oz/114g
Dimensions: 66*32*31 mm
Balance Plug: JST-XH
Discharge Plug: XT-60
Charge Rate: 1-2C Recommended, 3C Max