Kakute F4 V1.4 Mini (Non-AIO)



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Brand Holybro
Weight 5.00g
Connector SMA


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Kakute F4 V1.4 Mini (Non-AIO) by Holybro

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The Holybro Kakute F4 flight controller supports important features of Betaflight/Cleanflight, such as OSD and Dshot. The faster F4 processor gives room for future feature development: run all features at the fast 8 kHz PID loop rate, at single-digit CPU utilization! Because of issues with serial inversion, other F4 boards struggle to support protocols such as FrSky SBUS and SmartPort at the same time. The Kakute F4 is designed to support all serial protocols at once. 

  • You can adjust BetaFlight OSD, PIDs, VTX channel / power level and other parameters directly by using the transmitter and goggles
  • New high-performance, highly sensitive IMU - ICM20689 with 6-axis gyro and accelerometer
  • The IMU, which is mounted on a vibration-isolation foam, measures more precisely
  • 120A maximum continuous current, 7 - 42V input voltage, and automatic voltage monitoring
  • Supports BetaFlight and CleanFlight, as well as BLHeli pass-through for ESC upgrade and configuration


  • MCU: STM32F405RGT6 32-bit processor 
  • IMU: ICM20689 (SPI) 
  • USB VCP Driver (all UARTs usable simultaneously; USB does not take up a UART) 
  • 3 hardware UARTS (UART1,3,6) 
  • 128 Mbit Dataflash chip for Blackbox logging 
  • 5v Power Out: 1.5 A max 
  • 3.3v Power Out: 200 mA max 
  • Dimensions: 35x25x7mm (Includes USB height) 
  • Mounting Holes: Standard 30.5mm square to center of holes 
  • Weight: 5g 

* Download User Manual

  • 1x Kakute F4 V1.4 Mini Flight Controller