Chameleon Ti LR - 7" Long Range



Part ID 22202
Brand Armattan
Connector SMA
Frame Material Carbon Fiber


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Chameleon Ti LR - 7" Long Range by Armattan

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You love the ability to cruise far out, but you love the protection and quality offered by Armattan's latest Rooster and Chameleon TI frames.  If you had to pick one feature, that would be a close call.  But here at Armattan, we don't like being forced to choose between two offerings.  We like to choose both.
Introducing the 7 inch, long range Chameleon TI.  To be honest, almost everything you need to know is in the name of this frame.  It has all the major features that you've come to look for in the Armattan brand, including the 22mm smashed deck, the new high quality Carbon, and the CNC'd titanium front-end.  In addition, the 134mm compressed X bus is designed to hold more gear and support a bigger battery. This means that you get more time where it counts: with your head in the clouds.
Oh, and as Chris would say, "this frame was lovingly crafted by custom trained, highly intelligent elephants equipped with metal files.  While the training is difficult and takes 18 tons of peanuts per day, it provides a superior finish and unparalleled tolerances during assembly."
Did you just say warranty?
While Armattan can't cover you if you lose your frame, we still offer the same warranty as the rest of our FPV lineup.  If you break your LR Chameleon, you can rest assured that Armattan will help you get back into the air in no time.  We stand behind this frame and want you to know that it's built like a rock - even if it doesn't fly like one.
Titanium:2x Camera-cage braces
Aluminum:1x 28.6mm front standoff (silver)2x 22mm center standoffs2x Rear standoffs (black)
Hardware:5x 4mm button-head M3 bolts10x 6mm button-head M3 bolts8x 10mm button-head M3 bolts3x 12mm button-head M3 12.9 grade steel bolts5x 16mm button-head M3 bolts6x 8mm M2 cup-head (camera) bolts
Nylon:5x 6mm standoffs5x nuts
Carbon Fiber:1x 2mm Top extended (LiPo) plate 1x 1.5mm HD Cam plate1x 2mm Rear VTX plates (Standard and TBS)1x 4mm Extended main plate for 7 inch1x 4mm Shim plate
Other:1x Lipo strap1x Extended LiPo foam pad1x HD camera foam pad4x Dog-bone landing pads1x Molded rubber SMA grommet (included with standard VTX plate)3x Molded rubber antenna tube mounts (included with standard VTX plate)