Hawk 5 Kit ( Only) 5"



Part ID 24136
Brand Emax
Frame Material Carbon Fiber


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Hawk 5 Kit ( Only) 5" by Emax

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This includes all parts to build a bare frame that is used from the original Hawk 5.
Please note that the arm mounting hole configuration is for motors with 16mmx16mm style mounting, if you want to have all 4 screws in use.
Also there is not a center hole, so only motors like the LS series motors with a the screw not protruding past the mounting surface can be used.
Kit includes:
Hawk 5 Spare Parts C (5" Arms 4.5mm x4)
Hawk 5 Spare Parts A (Top Carbon Plate x1, Support Rail x2, Camera Plate x2)
Hawk 5 Spare Parts F (Battery Strap x1, Battery Pad x1)
Hawk 5 Spare Parts E (Hardware Kit) x2 pcs
Hawk 5 Spare Parts B (Mid Plate x1, Bottom Plate x1)