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Taboo by Friday FPV

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“A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away”.

Taboo, is minimalist, nothing more and nothing less.

Everything that wasn’t absolutely necessary was removed.

What is left, is a compact and light-weight frame as well suited to tearing up a race track as it is doing flips and split-s turns through buildings and forests.

Taboo achieves its massive presence and appeal though meticulous design and attention to all the tiny little details, most often ignored.

Making a difference wasn’t achieved by reinventing the wheel, it was simply by adding up a great number of subtle improvements from the start to the finish.

Redefine what you believe is possible!


Taboo is the definition of minimalist design and simplicity.

The foundation of Taboo, is a rock solid chassis, a top and bottom plate which sandwiches together the four rigid and minimalist drag arms. Eight fasteners hold the entire chassis together, this approach to design, creates a reliable, easy to build and light weight airframe. The two vertical side plates of the airframe, clip on and are secured in place effortlessly. The extremely slim profile and minimal frontal area of the fuselage, create the smallest of drag wakes. This increases acceleration and improves your straight line speed. No more slowing down in corners or wasting critical seconds trying to accelerate out of them. Now it is possible to quickly flick your quad around a really tight race track and accelerate away instantly, no longer do you have to fight through huge turbulent vortices on your way out.

Taboo is available in either a 5 inch or 6 inch propeller configuration, the chassis top and bottom plates are identical in both configurations, so arms can be easily swapped out if you want.

There are two options available for the bottom chassis plate, both are included as standard in the Taboo kit. The first, the race plate, is a minimal weight plate specifically designed for racing and shaving those valuable excess grams. The race plate maintains the same chassis stiffness and arm integrity but reduces the weight further out from the center of the frame. The second bottom chassis plate, the acro plate, extends further forwards and aft, is slightly thicker and provides more airframe support for taking those heavy hits while carrying your GoPro camera.

The under-slung battery pack will strap onto the bottom chassis plate, there are fastening points to strap the pack in, front to rear, and from side to side. A soft silicone battery pad is also included in the Taboo kit, this pad is strapped in place between the bottom chassis plate and your battery pack, it stops the pack from shifting around and helps absorb shock in bad crashes.

A protective cage for your under-slung battery pack, prevents you from picking up damage and punctured batteries. This is a light weight guard which fits any of your standard mini quads packs up to 6s. Simply strapped in place underneath your pack, removed easily by undoing your Velcro battery strap. The protective battery cage, gives you piece of mind, that you will not damage your packs, which is nice when landing on hard or rocky ground.

At its heart, Taboo has the ability to securely strap down your HD camera and seamlessly adjust it from 15 degrees all the way up past 60 degrees. Your pilot camera is similarly configured, secured in place with a high tolerance friction fit and two fasteners for good measure.

The freedom of being able to adjust your HD camera angle without increment and securely lock it in place is where the features of Taboo continue. The HD GoPro camera mount is designed to keep the weight of the camera as low down as possible, the mount also allows you to adjust camera angle without changing the center of gravity of the camera or the airframe.

Yes, this is correct, the center of gravity remains perfectly placed in the center of the airframe regardless of the camera angle you lock it in at! Locking your camera in place is now also worry free, you have fastening points available to strap your HD GoPro camera from the front to the rear, and from side to side. Regardless of how or what you want to use to strap your camera in place, there are now well placed fastening points to do so.