ZMR 250



Part ID 14910
Brand ZMR
Weight 145.00g
Frame Material Carbon Fiber
Frame Size 250


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ZMR 250 by ZMR

Average: 4.3 (3 votes)


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Reviews 3

fokkre's picture

I got this frame as my very very first drone. I loved it b/c of the integrated PDB made for clean build. Still have it and fly it now and again as it is a tank! i smash this thing into the ground and walls and still keeps going. never broke and arm with the 4mm ones that came with it.
Quadguy27's picture

This was also my first frame. I chose it because the blackouts were $150 at the time,and i wanted to invest as little as possible . 4 stars because the camera mount is old school board cam type. If you can get 4mm arms for that robust, crash, flip, fly, you'll be happier in the end.
sekthree's picture

FANTASTIC frame for a first kwad. There is Plenty of room for a first build that there is no need to direct solder to the FC. Arms are easily replaceable and cheap. The camera board style is out dated but i'll be damned that mine has lasted for 6 months of learning. The frame pdb is horrible, it exposes the traces where the arms mount causing volts to go through the carbon, major short. I got the banggood version so I can't claim the same on others.



ZMR250 Carbon Fiber Mini Quadcopter Multicopter Frame Kit.