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Connector SMA


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VTX Power Switch - TinysLeds by RealPit

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Features / Uses:
Plug in your VTx at any time with 0 power start-up
(Not Available with FlightOne at current time)
Turn off your VTx on the line to avoid heat buildup
Fast Team Race Pit stops (Sub second transitions possible)
Compatible with all major VTxs
Turn off VTx during races to test hover builds without interfering with other pilots in the air.
Turn off VTx after Crash for clean video for other racers. 
Solo Endurance Races, 3 quads ready on the line. Practice for more than 1 pack without taking off goggles. (Instructions on how to setup on OpenTX / Spektrum Coming soon)
LED Indicator light on board. (Light On \ Power On)
Can be used on any pad on Flight Controller. 
Does not need a full UART.  
I.E.: SmartAudio/Tramp on TX and RX for RealPit PinIO 
Up to 4 RealPits per quad. This opens the possibility for LEDs, and VTX, and any other device you can imagine. 
Toggle LED Power or any other devices under 1 amp draw.
Currently Supported Software:
Betaflight (PinIO 3.3.x or Greater) 
Butterflight (PinIO)
FlightOne 1.2.x + (VTXPRWTOGGLE)
Operating Voltage: 5V - 28V (HV-6s) 1Amp Switch
Dimensions: 10 x 12.5 x 2.5 mm
Weight:  0.5 Grams w/ Heatshrink
Demo Video ( Team EMAX Team Race): 
1x Realpit  
1x 1/2" Heat shrink piece
Betaflight Settings: 
Locate UART TX/RX pad resource ID you are using.  We wired to RX4 in this demo. RX4 is A01  Note the name of resource and ID. 
Next we will clear that pad from its assigned resource.
Next we will set the Custom Mode Switches. We will set up 1 switch Copy and past these Commands into CLI:
set pinio_box = 40
aux 2 40 2 1600 2100 0
Next we need to assign the Resource ID to the Custom Mode switch. Using the Resource ID from above. "A01"
resource PINIO 1 A01
If you wish to set up more pads for additional RealPits. replace the area in brackets with your resource IDs: Copy these extra lines to add more modes as well.:
set pinio_box = 40,41,42,43
aux 3 41 3 1600 2100 0
aux 4 42 4 1600 2100 0
aux 5 43 5 1600 2100 0
resource PINIO 2 [resource=I.E=A04]resource PINIO 3 [resource=I.E=A05]resource PINIO 4 [resource=I.E=A06]
Type  SAVE  in CLI and then press enter. Your FC will reboot after applying changes. 
Now go to Modes and Assign an AUX channel to the USER1  mode. Just like an arm or turtle mode switch. Click SAVE. 
Now flip the switch and test. A RED LED will be lit on RealPit if your are providing power.
FlightOne Settings: 
At the current time you must use Firmware version 1.2.x or greater to enable "vtxpwrtoggle" commands. This is available on FlightOne Discord. flightone.com/discord and website at FlightOne.us 
Wire RealPit VTX + to VTX Positive pad and BATT+ to Battery Source (5v-28v)
Wire FC pad to Buzzer + pad on FlightOne FC. Then Wire GND pad to Buzzer - pad on FlightOne FC
3. In Setup Tab:Setup VTXPWRTOGGLE switch.
4. Use Switch to Power VTX on and off. 
Notes: FlightOne Does not support ZERO power on. VTX will blip for a micro second prior to turning back off.  
Wiring Diagram Instructions: