Nano Cricket 5.8GHz VTX with Smart Audio - MMCX



Part ID 24918
Brand RMRC
Weight 1.40g
Polarization Left-Hand Circular Polarization
Connector SMA


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Nano Cricket 5.8GHz VTX with Smart Audio - MMCX by RMRC

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Introducing the RMRC Nano Cricket! We have taken one of our most popular transmitters and shrunk it down to size. The Nano Cricket has retained the same, variable transmitter output along with the 100% US legal channels and easy to use LEDs. It also comes equipped with officially licensed Smart Audio operation which allows the user to control the transmitter remotely. We know you will love the RMRC Nano Cricket!
Easy to operate with visible LEDs and single button operation. 
Lightweight and secure MMCX Antenna connection
Right Angle Dipole antenna and SMA adapter included
Pit mode, 25, 200mw transmitting power on 100% US legal channels
Officially licensed Smart Audio control 
Frequency: 5.8GHz 40 Channel (37 unique)
RF Power: Pit mode/25mW/200mW selectable
Power Input: 5V DC
Supply Current: 100-260mA
Camera Power: 5V (500mA max)
Connector: MMCX
Port Connector: Direct Solder
Dimensions: 15.2 x 14.3 x 3mm (20 x 14.3 x 3 with MMCX)
Weight: 1.4g (3.4g including cables)
Audio: Not included
Made in China
RMRC Nano Cricket
5cm MMCX to SMA Female adapter
5cm MMCX Dipole Antenna
Pre Soldered Wire Harness (bare white wire for Smart Audio)
STRIX Hoot-R 5.8GHz RHCP Antenna - MMCX
STRIX Hoot-L 5.8GHz LHCP Antenna - MMCX
Operation (Assuming LEDs are at the top, and button on the bottom)
2 Power Ouput LEDs (Left/Green)
#1 LED on for Pit Mode
#2 LED on for 25mW
#1 + #2 LEDs on for 200mW
1 Channel LED (Center/Red)
#3 LED on for the first channel of each band
#3 LED Flashes once and off for next channel
5 Band LEDs (Right/Blue)
#4 - Band A
#5 - Band B
#6 - Band E
#7 - Band F
#8 - Band R
Button Operation
Channel Change: Single, Short press, Red LED flashes once then off for next channel.
Band Change: Single, Long press (1.5 seconds), Blue LED flashes, then release for entering next band.
Output Power Change: Long press (3 seconds), Green LED Flashes, then release for next power output. 
The Nano Cricket saves the last selected output power and channel rather than defaulting back to pit mode. Users can select output power/pit mode through OSD, LUA Script, or button and will remain in that mode for each power up.
Please ensure the Nano Cricket has proper air flow when using 200mW. As heat increases, output power will drop without additional cooling. 
Stay Legal with all 40 channels
The RMRC Cricket transmitters feature 40 channels (37 unique) that are all legal to use in the USA with an amateur radio license. The same cannot be said for many other 5.8Ghz transmitters being sold that transmit at/above 5925MHz and at/below 5650MHz. The Cricket also includes the "Race Band" that was first pioneered by ImmersionRC.