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Parrot is a French technology company specializing in consumer drones, professional drones, and other wireless products. Founded in 1994 by Henri Seydoux, Parrot initially focused on developing hands-free communication solutions for cars before diversifying its product range to include drones, wireless speakers, and other connected devices.

Parrot is well-known for its consumer drones, which include models like the Parrot Anafi, Bebop, and Mambo series. These drones are designed for a range of uses, from recreational flying and aerial photography to educational purposes and indoor piloting. The Parrot Anafi, for example, is a compact and foldable drone equipped with a 4K HDR camera, making it suitable for capturing high-quality aerial imagery.

In addition to consumer drones, Parrot also offers professional-grade drones tailored for industries such as agriculture, construction, surveying, and public safety. The Parrot Bluegrass and Parrot Disco-Pro AG are examples of drones designed specifically for agricultural mapping and crop monitoring applications.

Apart from drones, Parrot produces wireless audio products like headphones, speakers, and car kits, as well as smart gardening devices such as plant sensors and automated watering systems.

Throughout its history, Parrot has been committed to innovation and research, with a focus on developing cutting-edge technology and fostering partnerships with academic institutions and research organizations. The company continues to explore new opportunities in the drone and wireless technology sectors while maintaining its reputation for quality and reliability.

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